What is iNonni

App inonni

An innovative and easy tool,
to include also elderly people
in the digital communication era.



Comunicate with friends and realatives in an easy, fast and safety way: in your network you can make calls, videocalls, send messages and photos!

Crea le tue cerchie Create your circles Chiama Call
Scrivi messaggi Write messages Videochiama Video call

Today it is easiest to communicate
in a digital way!

Keep in touch with less "technological"
relatives and friends
Icona Imparare


Don't limit your thirst for knowledge: thank to our thematic course you can learn a new language, to employ innovative tools or follow up on a topic which you are interesting in.
Keep in step with the times
with our tutorials!
Icona svagarsi

Have fun

Keep your brain trained with some funny exercises, thought in order to develop attention, memory and logic.
The games of third millenium
thought for you!
Icona stare bene

Feel good

Keep up-to-date about medical and pharmaceutical world: a lot of tools and news about health.
Find out how the digital revolution
has changed also this
feature of our life!

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